Maps, Naps, and Apps!

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This is the first project of the Spring 2020.

Live performance - March 12, 2020

Noteperformer from Finale

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Special thanks goes to my wife, Faith! 
She provided, and continued to provide great source material during the writing process.

With sighs and muffled, huffy thwaps!
I’m all aboard! Without my map.
I’m all asleep without my nap…
It’s my belief, there’s an app for that!

Oh! So tired of aching!
Back again? New day’s a breaking!
Sick and tired of buck making!
Slacks and tires muck raking!
Aching! Breaking! Again!

I have a million wishes!
I’ll get a genie app that fixes!
Okay, Genie! Time to to shine!
Listen to my wishing rhyme!

First! Free food’s delicious!
Second, help me lose some inches!
Third, world peace.
Fourth, no disease.
Fifth! poverty should cease.
Six, sleeping’s sweet release!
Wait! Am I dreaming?
I guess there’s not an app for that.