Spring 2021 Texarkana College Music Recital

group photo of students in recital

At the recital, I presented Watermark by Enya. It was my first public recital since my teens. There were only a couple of flubs – pretty good considering how nervous I was. View the full recital



This song was written around the year 2000 and was recorded by Modern Day Jonah shortly thereafter.

Modern Day Jonah

Formed in the late 1990s, Modern Day Jonah was a band comprised of friends in church.  We wrote several songs and recorded this album in the early 2000s before life pulled us in different directions.

Valse d’Amour

Valse d'Amour rehearsal

A lonely soul sings and finds another in reply. Love blooms. Embers burn.

This is my first semester project from Fall 2019.