Le Ciel de Nuit

My intentions are to extend this piece out with several sections to be included in the celestial suite.



Inspired by the photo taken on December 24, 1968 during the Apollo 8 lunar mission, Earthrise is a work in progress.


Summerfall, last light of the comet Neowise

My first attempt at orchestration, Summerfall is a work in progress.

As One

As One

This was written as a contest entry in the 2020 Sacred Music Choral Competition.



This song was written around the year 2000 and was recorded by Modern Day Jonah shortly thereafter.

Maps, Naps, and Apps!

Maps, Naps, and Apps preview

This is the first project of the Spring 2020 composition class for solo voice and piano.

Valse d’Amour

Valse d'Amour rehearsal

A lonely soul sings and finds another in reply. Love blooms. Embers burn.

This is my first semester project from Fall 2019.